Where can I go to get tested?

You can get tested at several places, with or without an appointment:

  • At your family doctor
  • At a CLSC
  • At clinics specializing in sexual health
  • At family planning clinics
  • At youth clinics (for people aged 25 and under)
  • By a nurse in high schools, CEGEPs, and some universities
  • At any SIDEP in Quebec

Prelib, DépistaFest’s official clinic, offers beautifully simple STBBI screening services. You can make an appointment online and then go to one of their self-testing centres.

You can also make an appointment with our partner screening clinics to find a service that meets your needs. There are also other search tools that have been developed to find STBBI testing clinics near you:

STBBI screening tests provided by the public sector are free for anyone with a provincial health insurance card (RAMQ). Long live Quebec! However, fees of up to $15 may apply for laboratory tests and sample transportation. Still fudgin’ cheaper than going to Burning Man!

Be sure to contact the clinic of your choice to get information about its opening hours, whether or not you have to make an appointment, and what  fees might be involved.

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